“As a parent I am extremely grateful for the amazing staff at the Gol Gol Preschool. I can’t believe how much my child has learnt in such a short time. The teachers are amazing!”

“The greatest choice we have made was Gol Gol Preschool, Thank You for all of your hard work and kindness towards or Son Jude. We understand and appreciate the work involved to nurture a young mind. Our son has come out of his shell and excelled on many levels and all credit goes to the educators of Gol Gol Preschool”

“Thank you for listening to all the little stories, about all the little NicNacs, adventures and collectables. For reminding our little people how to be kind, respectful of others and how to look after their special things. For making them feel safe, special, heard and proud of who they are in their family and community. For getting them ready for ‘big school’, setting expectations, giving incentive. For always having wonderful new, challenging and engaging activities that teach the children a multitude of skills. For being fun, making learning fun"
“Both my sons have attended Gol Gol Preschool and I have nothing but great admiration for the Educators at the School.The Preschool is very well run and everyone is approachable and helpful.”
“I think you all do an amazing job! Very easy to talk to and approach!!! The understanding that each teacher has regarding the children’s individual personality and needs is comforting and makes you feel that you child isn’t lost in the crowd"
“Our family is extremely happy with all the educators at Gol Gol Pre School, the amount of effort that goes in each and every day is amazing. The educators are all very friendly and go the extra mile for our children to ensure they are happy and learning each and every day. We love their enthusiasm particularly with dress up days. They should all be very proud. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”