Gol Gol Preschool is committed to providing an excellent Early Childhood Education for each child and their family through an innovative and progressive program that honours and respects the diversity of the wider community. We offer a range of services in our “one-stop-shop” facility to suit the interests and needs of our preschool community.
We work closely with local Primary schools to ensure all children have a smooth transition into their first schooling Years.

For the Children we believe:

  • Children learn through play, trial and error.
  • Children are capable of resourcing their own learning.
  • Children need a happy, safe and secure environment to learn and develop,
  • Children are all unique and individual.
  • Children can develop confidence and positive self-esteem through a supportive and challenging environment.

Therefore we:

  • Program for a range of activities
  • Guide and support the children in their learning
  • Thrive to provide a warm, happy, caring and safe environment for the children to learn in
  • Understand learn at their own pace and therefore we program for the individual child
  • Empower children by using their thoughts and ideas to develop the program.

For the Families we believe:

  • Families are essential for children’s development and learning.
  • We encourage and support all families to be involved and have input into their child’s program.
  • We are supportive of all families.

Therefore we:

  • We keep families updated on their child’s development by having an online community program, Storypark Families are notified as soon as the learning is taken place.
  • Have a parent input box on our program where the families can voice their opinion and ideas and contribute to their child’s learning.
  • Are open and friendly to parents and caregivers.
  • Instigate conversations with primary carers to source of children’s interests.
  • Encourage families to help out as a parent helper during the session. This gives the families an opportunity to see the program put into action and be a part of it.