Our Preschool is a community run Preschool with funding from the New South Wales government and our Fundraising Committee. The preschool committee are parents with children who hold a current enrolment status. The role of the management committee is to provide overall governance and management to the service. Good Governance supports the purpose of the service- which is to provide quality outcomes. Working alongside the Director and Employers of the service, committee members are also aware they are representatives of the Preschool.

Office Bearer Positions:

THE PRESIDENT:  responsible for the leadership of the committee, liaison with the Director and, often, public relations.

THE VICE-PRESIDENT: supports the role of the President and acts in their absence.

THE SECRETARY: prepares and circulated meeting agendas, keeps an accurate record of meetings, circulates the minutes of meetings and reports on and responds to correspondence on behalf of the committee.

THE TREASURER: ensures that the service prepares an annual budget, that profit and loss is monitored and that correct accounting procedures are in place. The Treasurer presents financial reports to the committee meetings and presents the annual financial statement and auditors report at the Annual General Meeting. In most services the day to day financial administration will be delegated to the Director and a Bookkeeper.

Although the office bearers may hold specific roles under your constitution, ALL members of the committee are responsible for the management and operation of the service. Therefore, ALL members of the committee should be involved in significant decisions.

Ordinary Members: 

are responsible for supporting the executive members, participating in discussion and decision making and supporting organisational activities. They bear as much responsibility for the management and control of the service as the office bearers.

What is the role of the Director?

To ensure that the service is able to meet the overall objectives set by the committee, a Director is employed to manage the day to day operations of the service. While the Director does not have voting rights at the committee meetings, they are integral part of the management team.


Preschool Committee Meetings are held once a month and members are voted in when nominated at the Annual General Meeting held in November.  Gol Gol Preschool is always welcoming to incoming families wanting to be apart of the association and help our Preschool. If you have any questions about any of the positions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the members or speak to the Director.