Educational research shows that children benefit most when parents are involved and actively support the service or school program. Together parents and staff members should share understandings about children’s experiences in the home and at the service.   Getting involved in working bees, snack duty and excursions is encouraged and invaluable to your child’s preschool experience.   It also provides you as a parent a greater insight into the daily happenings of the service and activities your child participates in.   Roster sheets and Excursion information are posted at the sign-in desk for families to fill out so please consider writing your name.

Families are essential to the ongoing success of our Preschool.   The centre is managed solely by a committee of volunteer parents.  The committee strives to provide the best possible learning environment for the children.  To do this they work closely with the Service Director to ensure all Departmental regulations are complied with and that the preschool remains a financially viable service. Through funds raised, we are able to update and purchase new equipment to enrich the children’s environment and programs, and ensure our children have access to vital resources and experiences whilst attending our centre.  The Preschool also relies on family and community support to ensure the building is maintained in a safe manner, by holding working bees to complete any jobs required.


The Preschool has a proud history of strong family support and this has enabled the centre to be run as efficiently as possible. This has numerous benefits:
  1. Firstly, the children love having their parents/grandparents involved
  2. Families have a sense of ownership and belonging to the wider preschool community, and
  3. It keeps the preschool looking good and keeps fees as low as possible


Each year our Annual General Meeting is held with positions available for parents wanting to join and participate in helping our preschool provide Early Learning Education and Quality Facilities. We also have invite for parents wanting to be General committee Members as well as an Executive Committee Member. Members of the committee meet once a month, all parents are welcome to attend.